Wall Portraits

Looking for a traditional wall portrait of your family? Maybe a framed photo collage? Or how about a custom-designed collage of photos from your session? A wall portrait of any kind should not be just a photo, but a work of art. True Image Studio artfully captures memories of you and your family, and can then create high quality wall portraits for your home.

At True Image Studio, we  create wall portraits in standard sizes ranging from 11″x14″ to 30″x40″ and square sizes ranging from 14″x14″ to 30″x30″. We retouch and proof all of our wall portraits before sending them for print. We also include custom framing with our wall portraits, and offer complementary in-home portrait consultations to make sure that they have a frame that they will be happy with.

All of our portraits are printed and finished at a professional lab. Our lab guarantees our prints for 100 years, provides the best quality and offers a wide variety of print finishes and fine papers.

Framed Photo Collages

If you’re not sure you want a single image large enough to fill a certain space, or can’t narrow it down to one, then a framed photo collage may be the solution for you. A framed photo collage is simply a grouping of multiple framed prints, typically 8″x10″, “11″x14″ or similarly sized square prints. The prints have similar frames, and together tell a story. A framed photo collage can fill the same space as some of the larger wall portraits.

Custom Photo Composites

If you can’t narrow your wall portrait selections down past about 6 or 7, then you should consider a custom photo composite. We can create an artistic composite (of practically any size) using photos from your session, then mount it in a high quality custom frame.

In-home Wall Portrait Consultation

No matter which product you choose for wall-mounted portraits, True Image Studio provides complimentary in-home portrait consultations which include the following:

  • Evaluation of the space and colors in which your portrait will be placed – We help you choose the right size portrait for the space you are trying to fill.
  • Custom Frame Design – While in your home, we can design a frame to work with the style and colors present in the room.
  • Visually show you how your portrait(s) will fit in the room – After your in-home consultation is complete, we’ll be able to show you a properly scaled image with your portrait on the wall. We will be able to show you exactly how the various sizes will fill the space in your room.