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Orange County Photography

Business portraits for social media and beyond

The image that you project to your clients is an important part of marketing yourself or your business. High quality portraits can tell your clients who you are, and help them in making an important connection with you as they consider doing business with you. Leaving a potential client’s first impression to a cell phone snapshot is a missed opportunity to make the right impression. Read More…

Is Your Website Converting Visitors to Customers?Personal Branding

Not an identification photo, but an identity photo

Whether you have products on your website or portraits of your team, having high quality photos that properly reflect what your site visitors are buying is important. Just like a good product image will show all of the visual cues and brand highlights intended to sell the product, your business portrait should show the personal brand elements that will sell you and your team. If you have a services company, your team is the product you sell. Their portraits should communicate their personal brands effectively, which will also help to communicate the company brand and culture.
orange county photography

We Bring the Studio to you!

No hassle mobile studio

We understand that you are busy, and that having your portrait taken is the last thing that you want to spend your time on. We bring a full service, professional studio experience to your premises, so that you and your staff can focus on what you do best. We coordinate the schedule of each person to be photographed, and also contact each one for a brief consultation to discuss clothing and goals for their portrait session. We also discuss likes and dislikes of existing portraits, and talk about how we can best bring out each person’s personal brand. Not all professional photographers in Orange County provide this level of service. Read More…

Orange County Photography – Taking the time to get it right

You are more than a photo…you are a work of art

True Image Studio provides commercial photography services to businesses in the Orange County area. We specialize in bringing a portrait studio experience to your premises, keeping your time investment to a minimum. We take the time to understand your needs and provide the guidance necessary to provide the best product. Your time is valuable, but so is your personal brand. True Image Studio doesn’t treat you as just another photo to take. You’re a person with a story and a personality. There are many photographers in Orange County, but not all of them will make the investment of time and attention necessary to capture your personal brand as it should be.Read more about our Orange County photography services here.

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