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Save time, money – and much more!

Here is how my solution for professional business portraits will help:

  • You save time and money because I bring the studio to you.
  • Every portrait session includes a professional consultation to make sure the portrait reflects your personal brand.
  • Your final product includes all of the file formats you need for web, social media and print. No need to crop or resize your images before you use them. Saves time and headaches!
  • Unlike some orange county professional photographers that make you wait for days or even weeks to see your photos, you’ll see your final portraits before you leave the session.
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Doug Catiller  Orange County Photographer

I would love to talk to you about a set of professional business portraits for your website, social media and print needs.

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Bringing the Studio to your premises

Orange County Photography – Bringing Professional Business Portraits to you

The benefits of bringing the studio to your business:

Your Time – We value your time as much as you do. It’s faster and easier for you to walk down the hall for your portrait than to get into the car.

Your Portrait Cost – We understand that aside from our invoice, your time costs you money.

Hassle Free Experience – We have an efficient process for capturing and reviewing your portraits all in one place… yours.

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“I was very nervous, even though he’d taken the time to send an email describing what works best and calling me personally to go over everything. When I arrived at the appointment, he immediately put me at ease. We got some really great shots, and had fun doing it. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to present themselves in a manner that spotlights the characteristics that they want to shine.”
Cynthia G.

“Doug takes charge of the session with great confidence and professionalism. He has deep respect for his photography subjects. You experience it in the way he gently puts you into just the right pose. And then you see it in the results. In short, Doug Catiller understands that photography is both an art – and a science. He is a first-rate practitioner on both counts. And I recommend his services without any hesitation.”

Rob W.

“Doug made me feel comfortable and at ease. He was professional and efficient. I will gladly refer my friends and patients to Doug.”

Dr. John V.

“I have used Doug Catiller for multiple photography sessions. One was for a business portrait 3 years ago that I still receive compliments on… I highly recommend to use Doug for any business or portrait photography need.”

Andrew G.

Doug has a tremendous talent and eye for photography. His work is always high quality and he is very easy to work with. Doug operates his business with the highest of ethics.

Stephanie M.

Doug takes pride in his work and his work relationships. His work is exceptional and I consistently refer him for work to others.

Peggy H., Your Content Goes Here

I have known Doug Catiller for over 5 years and have been impressed with his ethics, standards, knowledge, and talent ever since. His attention to detail is very good and he has the ability to have the “person shine through in the photograph.” His professionalism is outstanding and his creativity is eye-catching.

Meredith R., Your Content Goes Here

Does your portrait properly represent you?

Orange County Professional Photographers – Headshots with your personal brand

orange county photography, professional business portraits, orange county professional photographers
People often spend time, energy and sometimes money to make a great first impression:

  • A new client
  • Big job opportunity
  • Potential investors
  • New business partners

Why is it so often the case that people’s social media portraits are a quick snapshot, rather than a professional headshot?

Professional headshots are essential in making sure that someone’s first impression of you (often that will be online) is the best it can be. This is the time to put thought and effort into getting the best portrait you can to represent you when you are not there to do it yourself.

True Image Studio will represent your personal brand

Everyone has a brand. If you don’t know what your brand is, you’re not in control of it. If you think about a product brand, it is essentially the product’s reputation, influenced by how it is marketed. How do you market yourself?
When you have professional portraits done, they should incorporate as much of your personal brand as possible. Reflecting the genuine you is what will start the process of building credibility and trust with the people you meet.

Don’t leave your personal brand in the hands of a snapshot.

Contact True Image Studio today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

How much should a quality portrait cost?orange county photography, professional business portraits, orange county professional photographers

That’s a good question. But here’s an even better one:

How much is your time worth?

After many years of working with busy, successful business owners and executives, I can honestly say that the number one questions my clients have is “How long is this going to take?”

Corporate portrait photography should not be painful nor costly. By bringing the studio to your location, True Image Studio eliminates the time and hassles of traveling to an off-site studio – at very competitive prices.

How you will save time and money

  • I bring the studio to you – No  leaving the office. Save the round-trip drive time and walk down the hall
  • Consultation – By the time you walk down the hall for your session, we have a focused session. We’ve discussed your needs and set goals at the consultation
  • You know what you’re getting – We look at your portraits as I capture, allowing you to leave confident that we have something you’ll love

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4 problems busy executives have with portrait sessions

and 4 smart solutions from True Image Studio

orange county photography, professional business portraits, orange county professional photographers

“How long is this going to take?”

True Image Studio portrait sessions average just 15-20 minutes.


“I don’t have time to drive across town for a photo session.”

True Image Studio brings the studio to you.


“I don’t like surprises. Please tell me what’s involved in my portrait session?”

Our pre-session consultation gets all of your questions answered before the portrait is taken.


“Why do I have to wait so long to see my photos?”

You don’t! We will review your portraits with you during the session.

A quick, complimentary consultation before your session helps you get the best portraits with the smallest time investment

Professional business portraits by one of the premier Orange County professional photographers

orange county photography, professional business portraits, orange county professional photographers

Goals – We talk about you and what your portrait should say about you.

Wardrobe – We discuss your preferences and cover some important clothing “do’s and don’ts.

Hair and makeup – We discuss your needs and schedule a hair and makeup specialist, if desired.

Your consultation consists of a brief, 5-10 minute phone conversation. That way, anyone having portraits taken knows exactly what to expect. Including the fact that we’ll review the portraits during the session, so that we can fine tune our direction and deliver an outstanding end product.

During the session, you can relax (and who knows, maybe even enjoy the experience). You’ll leave the session confident that your needs have been met.

True Image Studio looks forward to providing you with a professional portrait, through a pretty much effortless experience. Remember, I’m here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

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