You Website’s Job

Professional headshots for business can make a difference

The job that your website has is simple. It must convert visitors into buyers. The people visiting your site have found it by entering the search terms that you have targeted for your content and product offering. Whether that product is something they can order from your website or a service you provide, the way in which your site visitors are visually engaged plays a key role in how (or if) those visitors are converted. This is particularly a problem with the web sites of many service companies. In this article, we will explore some of the problems that can keep these sites from converting visitors as much as they should be.

Problems With Portraits

Sometimes our most important product is not showcased as such

Companies put a lot of money, time and energy making sure that the message and branding on their website is right. Hopefully in the end, the site properly communicates the value proposition of their product or service, converting site visitors into customers. Many services companies such as consulting firms, law firms and accounting firms (just to name a few) rely on these pages to showcase the talent within their company. What some of these companies often miss is the impact of the employee images on their website. Lots of energy and time are spent on the content of their team’s profiles, but the profile pictures posted on these pages are often lacking in quality, consistency or overall visual appeal. Some of the specific problems that I’ve seen on ‘About Us’ pages portraits include inconsistent lighting, inconsistent color, improper posing styles and an inconsistent mixture of clothing. In some cases, I’ve seen images that are clearly cut-outs from a casual image (probably shot right in the office with a cell phone) that are pasted against a plain background that was made to simulate another professional portrait on the site.

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Putting Quality as a Priority

Hiring a commercial photographer can make the difference

An ‘About us’ page is a great addition to a website, but it has to be done properly. If your employees are being featured on a page of your site, they are likely a significant part (if not all) of your offering to clients. Having sub-par portraits on your website would be like having low quality pictures of a product you are trying to sell. It is likely that your conversion rates would suffer, even with high levels of traffic coming to your site. Top commercial photographers will take the time to understand who you and your team are, and will bring that out in the final work. An individual portrait should be a good representation of a personal brand. Portraits of your team should also not only represent each person’s personal brand, but ultimately the brand and culture of your organization. People buy people, so the people coming to your site should be seeing images that will have a positive impact on their experience with your site. Even subconsciously, people are forming opinions about your company and its people with every interaction they have with it. In today’s online world, your customers have had plenty of material presented to them about your company before they even meet you or your team. An important part of the positive engagement that will bring those prospects to the eventual step of in-person engagement is having impactful and attractive portraits on your website.


Make the investment in a good commercial photographer

If you invest in quality commercial portraits by hiring a good business photographer to take them for you, your ‘About Us’ page can add great value by showing the people in your organization as approachable, competent and ready to serve. Commercial portrait photographers understand how to avoid all of the technical pitfalls that are common with casual or amateur portraits commonly seen on the web. When you are willing to invest in one of the really good commercial portrait photographers, you will find that they will invest the time and energy necessary to give you portraits that will best represent your brand. When a company fails to make the proper investment in their ‘About us’ page, they have something that is likely giving a negative impression to potential customers. Showing a set of portraits that are consistent in their style, lighting and overall quality represent a polished image for your company, as well as the unity and approachability of your team. If your people are a big part of your product offering, make sure to show them at their best.