Mobile Studio Photography Services

Studio headshots should not be time consuming

I understand that you are busy. Having studio headshots taken is not your favorite thing to do. You’ve no doubt invested lots of time, energy and money into what you do for a living. Most people think studio headshots are a huge time investment. It doesn’t have to be that way. I fix this by bringing a professional studio photography services to your premises. I bring the studio to you, and allow you and your staff can focus on what you do best.


What is the mobile studio?

I bring a full studio photography setup to your place of business, turning a conference room or any open office area into a professional studio. I setup lights and a traditional background, or use an element of your work environment such as a book case. Once I am setup, each member of your team comes in for a private session. During your session we photograph, review and choose your final portrait. For some, the time investment is as little as 15 to 20 minutes total. Compare that to breaking away from the office and driving to and from a studio!

studio headshots, studio photography services

Mobile portrait studio setup in a training room.


Requirements for Mobile Studio Headshots

With my mobile studio photography services, I offer studio headshots on a traditional background or part of the environment you have at your place of business. In either case, I will bring a the necessary equipment to get quality headshots of you and your team. Here are some of the requirements for my mobile studio photography services.


Indoor Mobile Studio with a Traditional Background

  • An open space of roughly 12′ x 15′ or larger in size is ideal. We have worked in smaller spaces, but larger is better.
  • The area should ideally be in an enclosed area such as a conference room. If this is not possible, we can partition the area for privacy.
  • Avoid using a high traffic area.


Indoor or Outdoor Portraits with an Environmental Background

  • Background should include elements that are relevant to your business location.
  • Outdoor locations should be scheduled based on when the sun is best positioned for lighting.
  • Avoid using a high traffic area.