Clothing Guidelines for Portraits

When having a portrait taken for your business it is important to look your best. You will look you best when you are comfortable and confident with what you are wearing. One of the key factors in taking your portrait quicker and with higher quality is to make sure that you feel like a million bucks. Your confidence is half of the battle in bringing the right right smile and personality into the final product.

Keeping the attention on you

It is important to make sure that you are the star of your portrait and not your clothes. Select neutral colors such as blacks, browns and grays or muted versions of other colors. Bright colors are distracting in a portrait. They draw attention away from your face. Your portrait should have the viewer’s attention centered on your face. Much like bright colors, busy patterns and stripes create a distraction in your portrait. The viewer’s eye is drawn straight to the clothing rather than your face.

Follow these basic guidelines in preparing for your portrait session:

  • Avoid really bright colors – Bright colors will draw attention away from your face and may reflect odd-colored light on your skin.
  • Avoid busy patterns and stripes – Just like bright colors, busy patterns and stripes take attention away from you.
  • Tame frizz and fly-away hair – Use a product like the Tigi Stick by BedHead
  • Dress the part – We will talk about clothing in your consultation. It is important to wear clothing that fits the style and personality that you are trying to project.
  • Use a concealer – Make sure to use a concealer to cover some of the typical discolorations in your skin, such as redness around the nose, darkness under the eyes. This article will give you more information on choice and use of a concealer. It is important to choose the correct concealer for your skin tone.
  • Use a blotting powder to keep down the shine – To avoid the facial shine that can appear in photos captured with flash, it is best use a good blotting powder to tame the areas of the skin that are prone to shining the most. This article will help in choice and use of facial powder.

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