Is your ‘About Us’ Page doing it’s job?

The job that your website has is simple. It must convert visitors into buyers. The people visiting your site have found it by entering the search terms that you have targeted for your content and product offering. Whether that product is something they can order from your website or a service you provide, the way in which your site visitors are visually engaged plays a key role in how (or if) those visitors are converted.

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Social Media Headshots – How they Represent Your Personal Brand

How is your personal brand represented in your online profile photo? Is your personal brand being properly represented by your online profile photo? Simply put, your personal brand is the identity you have developed based on your reputation. The people you know have formed opinions based on their interactions with you over time. The [...]

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A new perspective

How visiting the a Northern California prison has changed me I have always considered myself pretty much of a law and order kind of person. I support our state and local police and the thankless job they had to do. I've also spent most of my adult life looking at crime and law enforcement as [...]

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Celebrating our five year anniversary today!

Five years ago today, I started True Image Studio. In the last five years I have seen a lot of personal growth, business growth and a whole lot of joy in being able to do what I love to do. I want to thank every one of my clients, friends and family who have supported [...]

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