True Image Studio provides Sacrament photography as a way to limit the use of cameras during a Mass. We capture individual images of First Communion and Confirmation candidates as they receive the sacrament. We photograph from an appropriate place which is pre-arranged in a meeting with you and your pastor beforehand. Irvine portrait photographer Doug Catiller is a practicing Catholic, catechist and extraordinary minister at both the Mass and to the homebound, and has a deep respect for the Eucharist and for the Mass.

It is his belief that the sacred event of one’s First Holy Communion, Confirmation or Marriage should not only be captured in a photo, but that the photo should be captured without diminishing the sanctity of the Mass or distracting those participating in it. He and his photographers achieve this in the following ways:

  1. They enter the Mass quietly, then move to a designated spot which is pre-arranged with the Sacrament coordinator.
  2. They never use flash inside of the Church during Mass.
  3. They stand only in their designated spot, and use a lens capable of capturing the shot without movement.
  4. They quietly leave the Mass immediately upon taking the last of the Sacrament photos.

It’s as simple as that. The priority of the day is the Sacrament. Doug personally trains his photographers to capture images in the way described above.

The Value of Hiring True Image Studio in Irvine For Your Orange County Sacrament Photography

The ultimate value in hiring True Image Studio to photograph your Sacraments is an extra tool to control family photography during the Mass. By capturing the best possible shot of each person as they receive a Sacrament then making it available to the parents, it is easier to restrict the use of cameras by family during Mass. True Image Studio works with parishes to significantly reduce or eliminate the desire of family and friends to crowd the front of the altar steps to figure out how to get the best shot of one child. The intentions are understandable, but unfortunately many people don’t know how to capture this shot without flash or other distractions. The net result is a Mass that feels more like a press conference or a sports event.

 True Image Studio provides the following Sacrament Photography services: