Congratulations! Your child is receiving  First Communion, an important step in his or her faith development. During your First Communion Mass, we will be capturing a photo of your child as they receive their First Communion. We encourage you and your family to focus on this sacred event and enjoy it as we capture this moment for you. The parish will be providing this photo to you, and will inform you of how you will receive it.

In addition to the photo captured during the Mass, we will be available to capture a professional studio portrait of your child as they are dressed up for First Communion. Portraits are available before Mass, at a location arranged by your parish.

We offer a variety of print packages, which are listed below. We also capture family portraits upon request.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some parishes have us capture a group or “class” photo before Mass. If you parish does this, we include a 5×7 copy of this  photo in your portrait package. If your parish does not have us capture this photo, your package will include an extra 5×7 copy of your child’s portrait.


For pricing and details about First Communion Portraits at your parish, contact Irvine photographer,  Doug Catiller.

Or, click here to read more about our Confirmation Photography.