True Image Studio provides two levels of service for First Communion Photography; one to the parish and the other directly to the parents. We work with you to develop a plan to fit your needs before, during and after the First Communion Mass. We adapt to your methods and standards and provide you with an excellent end product.

What we provide for your First Communion Program

Parishes hire us to capture “candid” photos of each person receiving First Communion during Mass. We can then deliver a print of each First Communicant in the order they received or we can mail the prints directly to the parents (avoiding the box o’ photos in your office for weeks). We offer a variety of options and charge the parish a fixed, per print cost. These photos are typically offered to all First Communion families as part of their First Communion fees and True Image Studio can provide additional prints of the photos to parents upon request.

By providing this first communion photo to each family, you will find that most families will comply with your restrictions of camera use during the Mass. We have seen a dramatic reduction in camera use by family and friends when they are provided with a copy of the photo they might have left their seat to try to capture. Parishes that we work with emphasize that this photo is already provided, and that family and friends are encouraged to remain in their seats to observe the sacred moment, rather than miss it.

We also offer group or “class” photos of the First Communicants for each Mass upon request.

What we provide for the families

In addition to first communion photography during the Mass, True Image Studio can provide First Communion Portraits before each Mass. These portraits are sold directly to the families, and are typically made available one hour before Mass. In order to respect your schedule, we stop taking portraits after a pre-designated cut-off time (typically 15 minutes before Mass begins). We work with you to develop a customized schedule to make first communion portraits available without impacting your schedule.

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If you are interested in how True Image Studio can assist you with First Communion photography this year, contact Irvine photographer, Doug Catiller.