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Orange County PhotographerOrange County photographer Doug Catiller spent over 20 years working in the Information Technology field, all the while maintaining his true passion for photography. Especially between 2000 and 2008, he did photographic assignments including small portraits, Church events and weddings for family and friends. Between 2004 and 2007, Doug shot promotional photos for UCI’s ‘Madrigal Dinner’, which was a Christmas themed dinner theater event.

Late in 2005, a non-profit theater – The Chance Theater in Anaheim Hills – needed promotional photos for an upcoming play. Doug captured production photos during a technical rehearsal for that show, and returned to photograph all ten of The Chance Theater’s productions the following year. Since then, Doug has been the resident photographer for The Chance Theater in Anaheim Hills, and his photos are regularly published in The Orange County Register, OC Weekly and many other local periodicals. With more and more requests for his work, Doug’s passion for photography grew substantially. In October of 2007, with a shot of courage and an incredibly supportive wife, Doug made photography his full-time career.

Doug began his professional portrait photography career by working in a local Irvine portrait studio full-time, where he was able to work on developing both his photographic and studio management skills. Doug worked with the owners of the studio to clean-up a production back-log, update and automate the digital workflow and photograph portrait sessions. In January of 2008, the owners of the studio retired, leaving Doug to choose between returning to his old career or to continue in photography.

Church and Commercial Photography Services

Doug opened True Image Studio on April 1st, 2008. Orange County photographer Doug Catiller with True Image Studio, specializes in the following…

Since starting True Image Studio, Doug has been on a personal quest to push himself outside of his comfort zone. He has offered a number of different photography services including family photography, commercial photography, wedding photography and school photography. After about 5 years of offering these services, True Image Studio has decided to focus primarily on commercial photography services.

Doug’s approach to photography comes with a passion that goes back over 25 years, when he first began to explore it. His tag line for True Image Studio, “You are more than a photo…you are a work of art” describes the Doug’s beliefs about the people that he photographs. Each human has a unique beauty, and that is what should be captured in a portrait.

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Doug is proud to be doing what he loves the most, and is working with some of the best photographers in Orange County.