More than a photo…

True Image Studio was founded on the principle that every human being is made by God, and is therefore beautiful. You have a unique beauty, and this should be brought out in your portraits. By capturing God’s art (you!), we have a special responsibility to capture not just a picture of you, but also to capture your style and personality. You are constantly growing and changing, and portraits of who you are now will be important memories in the future.

Personal Service and Quality

A good quality portrait is much more than putting one or more people into a pose and clicking the shutter button. Good portraits are the product of experience and continued training in posing, lighting and camera techniques. Beyond hiring a photographer with the experience and skills to capture a beautiful image, customer service and a quality product are very important. True Image Studio works with one client at a time, and delivers a thoughtful, artful product.

Personal service, one client at a time.