Premium Service – Portrait Porter Service

True Image Studio offers a premium service that will save you time and money. We bring a studio to you and capture your portrait. Once you have chosen your favorites and approved the final product, we handle the rest!

  • We keep a secure, permanent archive of your portraits
  • We add your portrait to your social media profiles
  • We send your portrait to your web designer, graphic designer or other design professionals in any format they wish

There is no need for you to get bogged down in any of the technical details of your portraits. Once you’ve been photographed, you get to move on to what you do best!

Secure, Permanent Archive

We have enough of an IT background to make sure that you don’t have to. Once your portraits are delivered, there are many things to be done with them. You have better things to do than to mess with cropping, file sizes, color formats or any of the other pitfalls that may be involved in using your portraits for print, web and online profiles.
We keep a permanent archive of your portraits, ready to go and always secure. You’ll never have to remember where you put the archive, or what all those file formats and sizes are for. We also make sure that your portraits are secure and backed up regularly.

At Your Service – Put Us to Work, Putting Your Portraits to Work

Let us do the tech work, while you do what you do best. We will be the liaison between you and the professionals who maintain your website, social media or design and print marketing collateral. We work with these professionals on a regular basis, and know how to deliver exactly what they ask us for.

We will add your portrait to online profiles including social media, blog accounts and other directory profiles. I take security very seriously, keeping login credentials private. We destroy our copy of your login credentials after adding your portrait to your accounts, and do not keep our client’s credentials on-file.