Home School Photography Services

True Image Studio offers a complete set of school photography services to home school programs in Southern California. As a local, independent home school photographer we can provide a customized set of photography services to your home school program that the larger national school photography companies may not want to provide. True Image Studio is interested in a working relationship with your home school program and its families. We believe that a home school photographer should be working with home school programs to build community, beyond annual school pictures.
Home School Photographer

Our Values

Our company was founded on the idea that people should have a great experience while working with us. We don’t simply provide a product, but understand that there has to be more to it for us to deserve your business. We extend the following core values to every client we work with:

  • We never pressure or hard-sell any client
  • We treat every client with respect
  • We are patient with children who need extra time and attention
  • We stand by all of our products with a satisfaction guarantee

We believe that a school photographer should be able to photograph everyone in a timely manner, while treating everyone with the respect that they deserve. Efficiency is never maintained at the cost of courtesy.

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Home School Photography Services

  • Annual School PortraitsElementary school photographers
  • Yearbook Services
  • Photo School ID Cards (printed on-site)
  • Class Composites
  • School or Class Slideshows
  • Photography Coverage at Special Events
  • Fundraisers

Home School ID Cards

We are able to print school ID cards for students, teachers and staff, availing them of important discounts at a number of stores. Our cards are the size and thickness of a credit card, and are printed with a high quality thermal printer. When we photograph in a facility that has power, we are able to print the ID cards on the spot. When we photograph without access to power, we print and mail the ID cards promptly and mail them ahead of the rest of the print orders. Student ID cards are necessary for college prep exams, college registration and other important instances.

Efficient Process

We understand that while school portraits are important, it is also important to move things along efficiently. Given that most programs do not have a facility within which to meet (and may even be spread across a wide geographical area), time spent with the school photographer is at a premium. We know how to move things along quickly, making the best use of your time while capturing a quality portrait.


We are able to photograph in just about any venue that your home school program requires. We can bring a full studio setup to either a rented facility or to your next park day. In all cases, we setup the equipment that we need and provide the best experience we can for students, parents and the program.

As many elementary school photographers can attest, some of the younger children don’t like to be photographed. Doug Catiller is an experienced home school photographer who can handle event the most difficult situations, capturing smiles from kids who refuse to sit in front of the camera. Doug photographs hundreds of kids each year, and has developed a few good techniques over the years. Above all, Doug loves working with children.

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